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Structured Settlement Annuities.
Did you know that there are thousands of structured settlement annuities on the market available for purchase with great rates of return? Many people who are receiving court ordered annuity payments are interested in selling their scheduled payments for a lump sum. That is where we come in.

We have partnered with financing groups who have already made arrangements to purchase these annuity income streams at a discounted price.

Lottery Income Stream.
Lottery prizes are routinely offered to the winners as an annuitized payment. The deferred payout generally involves the payment of a prize over as much as a thirty year period with installment payments made on an annual basis to the lottery winner.

The Buyer acquires the right to receive lottery payments directly from the state lottery, in place of the original winner, by contracting with the winner to provide that winner with a lump sum of cash today.

We can arrange for you to buy an income stream from a lottery at a great price to the seller and a great return for you, the buyer.

Index Life Insurance.
Did you know that some A+ rated insurance carriers have credited an average of 8% to the cash value portion of their indexed life insurance policies for the past 30 years? In 2009 and 2010 more than 13% was credited to this portion of their policies.

In addition your principle is 100% guaranteed and you have a guaranteed death benefit for life. Furthermore, you can borrow from the cash value down the road at an effective 1% interest rate.

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